Dr. Brad Bootstaylor

Dr. Brad Bootstaylor – Life Balance Pain Care

Dr. Brad Bootstaylor

Dr. Brad Bootstaylor is a forward thinker and always has a smile on his face.

During his interview for The Care Girl podcast, he expressed his passion for pain management.

Coming from a military background and a former perinatologist, Dr. Bootstaylor is extremely well-rounded.

Looking up at his accomplishments (which include being a double-boarded physician), I couldn’t help but admire his strength.

Dr. Bootstaylor currently runs a pain management center – Life Balance Pain Care – located in the heart of midtown.

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The services offered at Life balance Pain Care are as follows:

PRP: Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, Joint and Spinal steroid injection, Migraine management, back and neck pain relief, and many more.

Pain management after an injury is a key issue in the medical community. Despite the advances in trauma care, innovations in pain management continue to be understudied.

Pain management after an injury is a critical component of recovery. Aside from treating physical injury, pain management also helps patients recover psychologically. The goal is to help patients return to normal life and increase their confidence.

Acute pain management after an injury is often used with opioids, which work by blocking the sensation of pain in the central nervous system.

However, opioids can have adverse side effects, including addiction, overdose, and death. Consequently, limiting the number of opioids prescribed is important to reduce the risk of addiction.

Seeing a pain management specialist such as Dr. Brad Bootstaylor will be beneficial to those who have experienced a personal injury.

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